SPF Roof Benefits

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is an extremely resourceful component of roofing systems because of it can be installed over wood, steel, concrete, and most other common roofing systems. One advantage of using SPF is it’s multifaceted functions compared to other roofing restoration materials. The use of SPF on your home’s roof can save you on roof removal expenses and additional landfill costs just by covering existing roofing materials. Spray foam is a better tapered roofing material and limits the required materials for installers, controlling costs and roof installation time.

A Secure, Solid Roof Foundation Comprised of Liquid Foam
Spray foam has an original liquid form that expands almost 30 times its original volume to produce a secure, solid roof foundation that fixes any originating issues and/or cracks and holes.

Installers apply the spray foam directly to your roof using a multi-component spray system. Seconds after being applied, the spray foam cures onto your roof surface. By adhering and expanding onto your roof the surface is turned into a weather proofed film. In order to protect your original SPF coating a protective layer of elastomer or silicone is applied to prevent weather damage while providing durable, protective security for your roof.
For the nearly four decades polyurethane foam has provided an excellent, energy efficient roofing material that adds insulation value to your home while lowering your monthly service bills.


Seamless Systems

When applied to your roof surface, the spray foam forms a substrate bond where it is sprayed. No matter where it is applied, the bond will form. Whether on walls or decks, with different orientations or different surfaces, this durable roofing materials has been successfully protecting homes and surfaces for several decades. Because of the impenetrable seatant formed, water is prevented from entering under the roof into your home or office.



An SPF roof can last for up to 5 decades if taken care of properly. SPF reduces the need for a new roof in a short amount of time due to its sturdiness and durability. Additionally, as your energy usage decreases, so do your monthly bills.